Transport Bourassa Gets First Look at its Kenworth T680E Electric Trucks

RENTON, Wash., June 27, 2022 – Transport Bourassa recently received a first look at its two new Kenworth T680E battery electric vehicles at a special ceremony held at the Kenworth Renton manufacturing plant.

Transport Bourassa, a leading provider of less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation serves customers in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S. The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec-based company will use its T680Es in regional LTL operations. The company purchased its Class 8 battery electric vehicles from Kenworth Maska – La Présentation in Quebec. 

“Transport Bourassa is committed to doing what’s best for the community and the environment,” said Marilyn Bourassa, fleet manager at Transport Bourassa. “The Kenworth T680Es open a new chapter in our over 60-year history, enabling our fleet to operate in a more sustainable manner and reduce carbon emissions.”

“We take pride in Transport Bourassa’s decision to add the Kenworth T680E model and we look forward to continuing to support their operation,” said Patrick-Olivier Tremblay, sales manager at Kenworth Maska – La Présentation

“Transport Bourassa is a very good Kenworth Maska customer and we are pleased to provide them with the new T680E model,” said Marcel Morin, Kenworth Maska – La Présentationsalesman. 

During the ceremony, Darrin Child, Kenworth Renton plant manager, presented the keys to Marilyn Bourassa, who was accompanied by Transport Bourassa’s Benoit Bourassa, local and Ontario operation manager; and Nicolas Belanger, mechanic manager. Patrick-Olivier Tremblay represented Kenworth Maska – La Présentation. Marc-Antoine Fortin, Kenworth district sales manager for Quebec, also participated in the event. The group also toured the Kenworth Renton manufacturing plant to see Kenworth’s battery electric and other models being built. 

The Kenworth T680E is designed for pickup and delivery, regional haul and drayage applications, and is available as a day cab as either a tractor or straight truck. The T680E has an 82,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating and estimated 150-mile operating range, depending on application.

The Kenworth “Driving To Zero Emissions” program also features the Class 7 K370E and Class 6 K270E battery electric vehicles, and PACCAR charging stations. Both the K270E and K370E are for pickup and delivery and short regional haul operations. The electric powertrain is available with high-density battery packs of 141 kWh, 209 kWh and 282 kWh that deliver up to 100-, 150- and 200-mile range, respectively. 

PACCAR Parts distributes electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that maximize coverage over a full range of Kenworth electric vehicles, with output power from 20 kilowatts (kW) to 350 kW. Customers can rely on the expertise of PACCAR Parts and its infrastructure partners to tailor EV charger solutions to fit the needs of any size and fleet. EV chargers can be purchased from Kenworth dealers.

Customers with questions about any battery electric vehicle incentive programs in the U.S. and Canada may contact Alec Cervenka of Kenworth (  (425) 902-3275.


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