Kenworth Reaches Milestone 10,000th T680 Next Generation, Delivered To System Transport at 50th Anniversary Celebration

Kenworth recently delivered its 10,000th T680 Next Generation. The milestone truck was presented to System Transport at the company’s 50th anniversary celebration in Spokane, Wash. The T680 Next Generation equipped with a 76-inch mid-roof sleeper was proudly built by the employees at the Kenworth assembly plant in Chillicothe, Ohio.  “This is a special moment for Kenworth and […]

CFI Team Drivers Ricky and Mary Norman Give T680 Next Generation High Praise

For CFI team drivers Ricky and Mary Norman, there’s no place like the open road and traveling the country together in their new Kenworth T680 Next Generation. “I feel like I’m being paid to be a tourist as a driver,” said Ricky. “I’ve been to all 48 continental states and most provinces in Canada, something […]

Kenworth T680 Next Generation Earns EPA SmartWay Designation

Kenworth Truck Company today announced that the Kenworth T680 Next Generation model has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Designation. The EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership is an innovative collaboration between the EPA and freight industry designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. To receive EPA SmartWay designation, tractors must offer a full […]

Werner Enterprises Takes Delivery of First Production Kenworth T680 Next Generation

Werner Enterprises received the first Kenworth T680 Next Generation production truck yesterday during a special ceremony at the Kenworth manufacturing plant in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Kenworth’s T680 Next Gen on-highway flagship establishes a new industry standard by raising the bar for superior fuel efficiency, class-leading performance and bold aerodynamic styling – expanding on the success of the classic T680 model. […]

Kenworth T680 Next Generation Offers Advanced Driver Assistance System Technology

The new Kenworth T680 Next Generation is available with the optional Torque Assisted Steering and Lane Keeping Assist as part of Kenworth’s suite of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies.  The new Torque Assisted Steering is designed to reduce driver fatigue by providing additional torque to the steering column. The amount of torque assist is […]

Kenworth T680 Next Generation Rolls Out Innovative Full Digital Display

Kenworth has developed a new digital instrumentation display for the Kenworth T680 Next Generation.  The 15-inch high-definition screen enables both a level of customization and dynamic information content not possible with traditional analog gauges. The design is highly intuitive and easily adjustable to enable drivers to match their preferences, while also automatically displaying critical content. “The Kenworth […]

Kenworth T680 Next Generation: Setting a New Standard in Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to aerodynamics, Kenworth Chief Engineer Joe Adams said that “upping the bar” is synonymous with the name Kenworth.  “It’s what Kenworth has been known for since 1985 when we introduced the industry’s first truly aerodynamic truck – the Kenworth T600. We’ve never lost sight of pursuing continuous improvement,” said Adams. The Kenworth […]

The Kenworth T680 Next Generation: Kenworth Launches New On-Highway Flagship

Kenworth launched the new Kenworth T680 Next Generation on-highway flagship during a virtual introduction today. The T680 Next Gen establishes a powerful new industry standard, and significantly expands upon the success of the classic Kenworth T680. The Kenworth T680 Next Gen offers technology advancements, including an innovative 15-inch Digital Display, Next Gen SmartWheel®, fully LED headlamps, […]