Salt River Project Receives Kenworth K270E Battery Electric Vehicle

Salt River Project (SRP), the Phoenix metropolitan area’s largest electricity provider as well as largest water supplier, recently received a Kenworth K270E battery electric vehicle. 

“SRP has a major focus on sustainability and remains steadfast in its objectives to improve EV adoption inside and outside our organization,” said Brendan King, manager of SRP’s transportation services engineering operations. “Our goals associated with using Kenworth’s new battery electric vehicle include evaluating its suitability for our fleet and supporting strategic plans for future medium and heavy duty fleet electrification.”

SRP has Arizona’s largest workplace charging program and successfully converted its entire sedan fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles in 2021. Among the organization’s sustainability goals is a goal to reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet, which will include the conversion of certain medium and heavy duty fleet vehicles to electric, where possible. The Class 6 Kenworth K270E flatbed will be used by eight SRP departments, so the utility provider can observe how the vehicle serves unique requirements, including transporting various utility equipment during a trial period. 

SRP’s K270E electric powertrain features a Dana TM4 355 hp direct-drive motor and a 282 kWh high-density battery pack that delivers up to a 200-mile range. The battery electric vehicle utilizes a DC fast-charging system that is capable of a re-charge in as quick as one-hour and end-of-shift or overnight AC charging. 

“It’s a pleasure to work with SRP and see our local utility provider receive its new Kenworth K270E. We expect the K270E to perform at a high level and help SRP support its sustainability goals,” said Don Blake, new and used truck sales manager of selling dealer Inland Kenworth – Phoenix. 

The Kenworth “Driving To Zero Emissions” program also features the Class 7 K370E and Class 8 T680E battery electric vehicles, and PACCAR Parts charging stations.

Both the K270E and K370E are for pickup and delivery and short regional haul operations. The electric powertrain is available with high-density battery packs of 141 kWh, 209 kWh and 282 kWh that deliver up to 100-, 150- and 200-mile range, respectively. Designed for pickup and delivery, regional haul and drayage applications, the T680E is available as a day cab as either a tractor or straight truck. The T680E has an 82,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating and estimated 150-mile operating range, depending on application. 

PACCAR Parts electric vehicle (EV) charging stations maximize coverage over a full range of Kenworth electric vehicles, with output power from 20 kilowatts (kW) to 350 kW. Customers can rely on the expertise of PACCAR Parts and its infrastructure partners to tailor EV charger solutions to fit the needs of any size and fleet. EV chargers can be purchased from Kenworth dealers.

Kenworth customers with questions about any battery electric vehicle grants and incentive programs in the U.S. and Canada may contact Alec Cervenka of Kenworth ( /425-902-3275).