Marten Transport Prioritizes Investments in Driver Assistance Technologies

In 1946, Marten Transport started with a single milk truck. Today, the company is an international transportation leader with 3,500 trucks. This growth was possible through the vision of Randy Marten, Marten Transport’s former CEO and current executive chairman of the board of directors. Examples of technology adoption include: incorporating satellite tracking systems to improve fleet communication, installing solar panels on trucks and terminals, and, today, investing in state-of-the-art driver assistance technologies.

“We believe in supporting drivers, so embracing new technology – like Kenworth’s Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies in the T680 allows us to provide our professionals with a premium product that increases efficiency and assists in safe truck operation,” said Randy Marten. “Driving a truck is difficult work, so purchasing a premium product like the T680 that is designed to make the job easier, less taxing and more comfortable helps us to recruit and retain the world’s best drivers, something that is very important to us.”


The W900: Pride & Tradition for IMT Transport

For the Gouge family, trucking isn’t just an occupation. For four generations, dating back to the 1940s when Merle Gouge started his career in trucking, it’s been a way of life. In 1972 Merle’s son, Pete, founded IMT Transport, a Garner, Iowa-based transportation company that specializes in flatbed hauling services, with a single truck – […]

Heartland Express: Two Milestones in One

Heartland Express was one of the first companies to receive the T680 Signature Edition, and it not only paid tribute to Kenworth’s anniversary, but it also happened to be Kenworth’s 750,000th truck produced at the Chillicothe plant: two milestones in one. A special ceremony took place in May at the plant, with Heartland Express’ CEO […]